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Web-based Presentation Software (Prezi and Sliderocket)

Over the past two months I have lunged into a world of web-based software.  The school where I teach 5th grade is IB (International Baccalaureate).  One of the great things about teaching 5th grade at an IB school is the capstone event – where 5th graders get to experience their first real research project/presentation.  This year my 5th grade team wanted to jazz up the presentations – and so we decided to integrate more stylish presentation software.  The great things about the following software is that it is free and it is not power point.

1. Prezi:

  •     This stylish presentation software allows for users to create paths on a large, internet “white-board.”
  •     It provides easy ways to incorporate youtube videos and import media from desktops.
  •     Clearly organize information through font sizes and path choices.
  •     One con of Prezi is that (with the free version) there is no way to hyperlink text or import bmp’s…

Tip: With students – you only need one username and password – every student can be working through the same account at the same time – just on different prezis – so I just made one account ahead of time.

Here is an example of a prezi: EXAMPLE

2. Sliderocket:

  • Sliderocket is like a beefed-up powerpoint.
  • It has fancier transitions and sleeker text and themes.
  • Directly upload from flikr

Unfortunately with Sliderocket students each need their own account -because they cannot work simultaneously on the same account – we just made up e-mail addresses for the students.

Here is an example of sliderocket: EXAMPLE

There are other excellent web-based presentation software including: 280slides , Google Docs Presentations, Zoho Show , and slidesix.


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