Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

The Khan.

I was recently exposed to an incredible, non-profit website.  Salman Khan, in 2004, was a hedge fund analyst, who began posting mathematical videos on youtube so that his family could learn or practice online.  He found out that he had a gift for educating via video and has since – mass produced educational videos.

For more information watch the following clip.

The Khan Academy website offers knowledge maps and exercises for students to practice mathematics.  It also tracks progress and allows for teachers to create classes.  Click here.

I have used the Khan Academy as a supplement to our Everyday Math Curriculum.  Also, if students need extra practice – or if parents want their kids to practice math over summer – this is a great tool – and you can track their progress.

In the video shown – Salman mentions how some districts have completely adopted his method.  He actually suggests that the khan academy “humanizes” the classroom – because students work on the computers at home learning how to solve the problems – and then at school it is independent work with the teacher being able to hover and coach each student.

Here is an example of one of Salman’s enormous quantity of videos.  He is teaching why Lattice Multiplication works in this video.


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