Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher


One of the fun activities our students loved being a part of this year was podcasting.  We decided, as a summative assessment, students would choose an artifact during any time in history and present how that artifact was used to change history and how that artifact changed their personal lives.  Before we got any further in the lesson it was so important for the students to understand what a podcast sounds like.  So we played for them a number of free podcasts from itunes.  Some of our favorites were from HowStuffWorks and What you Missed in History Class.  These helped the students understand what their scripts may need to look like and the noises or music they could use to help create their podcasts.

These “podcasts” were not published on the internet -although there are numerous websites that will allow for you to do that – but they were placed on our school’s network folder so that every grade had the opportunity to listen to some of them.

What do you need to do this?

  • A microphone to plug into the computer.
  • Software to record from the microphone – we used Audacity.

Audacity is free audio editing software.  It is open-source – and I have found that this program is great for mixing music or sounds with the audio recorded from the students.

The only odd thing about Audacity – the reason why it’s free – is you need to download an extra file called a lame encoder – in order to create mp3s instead of .wavs.  This is really easy – it’s just an extra step.  So after you download audacity click on this link to see how to download the lame encoder – then you can export mp3s.


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