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Real World Problems

Sometimes I wonder if my students believe they can make a difference in our world.  So much of our time in the classroom is spent equipping students for further education and careers.  Nonetheless, there are websites that are trying to integrate real world issues for students to think about.

One of these websites is called OpenIDEO. OpenIDEO encourages classrooms/individuals/everybody to analyze specific world problems, create a concept to respond to the problem, and then evaluate all the concepts that have been created and decide which is best for the issue.  It is very collaborative.

It would be incredible if we could integrate these types of problems into our classrooms so that our students would be solving real-world issues – or at least be apart of the process.  It reminds me of the book Ender’s Game.  In the book the protagonist, Ender, thinks he is just being trained for a job, but in fact he is accomplishing his job.  I am not suggesting that students would need to be ignorant of their task, but it would be incredible if students witnessed change because of their actions.


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