Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

Gliding through time…

For all you Social Studies teachers… or really anyone that uses timelines in class – here is an excellent resource.

Timeglider – is an excellent website that allows for teachers to create their own timelines with images or links.  It’s awesome because it is easy to embed in websites or create links.  Refer to my WIX post if you need to see a website that will work with Timeglider.  If you click on Add-Widgets-HTML in WIX then you can embed the HTML script from timeglider into your webpage.

Timeglider would also be easy for students to use.  A great activity I am going to use with my students is to have them create timelines on Timeglider on Explorers through the Revolutionary War.  Through creating timelines students get a visual aid that will assist them in remembering sequence of events and how events were caused.

I have created an example below of just a few pictures and dates shown on a timeglider.  I found it easiest to find links and plug them into the timeline – instead of downloading pictures and uploading them on the website.



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