Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

Spelling and Vocabulary

One of the websites that has saved me during my teaching career is Spellingcity.

Why is Spellingcity so great?

  • It is free.
  • It is so easy to input class lists.
  • The lists don’t get deleted – so they can be carried over from year to year.
  • There are great games to play with the words.
  • There are practice tests that students can take (the computer speaks the word).

I use Spellingcity by encouraging parents and students at the beginning of the year to get acquainted with the website.  I give 10 percent extra credit on spelling tests to students who hand in practice tests they took during the week.

There is a premium account that looks excellent.  It has vocabulary lists you can build – which have tests and games.  It also helps teach parts of speech.  For 50 bucks a year this could serve your class great!

If you are an elementary teacher and you don’t have a Spellingcity account – you should absolutely start one today.  After you have registered just click on list management and get started!


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