Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher


Creating posters? Trying to figure out a cover design?  Looking to present a variety of vocabulary in one picture?

Wordle is for you.

Wordle is an excellent, easy-to-use website where you can insert text – then the wesbite will generate text puzzles that can look very slick.  You do have some control- if you want the words horizontal/vertical/both – or what color gradient you desire.

How do I use this with students?

  • It can be used to present vocabulary for a new story or unit.  Students can use the vocabulary to try and guess the story or unit content.
  • Students could create a wordle for each book that they are reading to show the main ideas and characters from the book.
  • Students could create wordles for presentations – highlighting the key ideas.

It is free – which is always great.  When I have created a wordle I click the print screen button on the computer keypad.  I then open paint and click paste.  Then I crop the wordle and save it as a jpeg.  Althought that is a process – I have found it works fine – and once you get the hang of it – it’s really quick.


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