Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

Blogging at school.

Teachers today are looking for an easy place on the web for students to collaborate with peers and teachers.  Blogs – such as this one, allow for the creator to communicate thoughts to a grander audience than if those thoughts were on paper.  Being able to collaborate with peers is a 21st century skill.

As a teacher, this blog site allows for me to ask questions that students can view and respond to at home or in the computer lab.  It also allows for students to practice their typing skills.

The website I looked at is called Kid Blog:

Why is this website awesome?

  • It is free.
  • It is sooo easy to use.  Teachers can create student accounts – no e-mail address is needed.
  • There are great choices that allow for teachers to put rules on the posts being posted.
  • Dashboard is just like – very easy to use – not too many buttons.
  • Easy to insert media in the posts.


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