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Math is Back.

Okay – so school is coming to an end, summer is about to come knocking with lemonade in hand, and ‘some’ parents are coming to your classroom asking what they can do with their child to prepare them for the next grade.  In regards to math – I have found a number of excellent websites that may assist these parents.

It is often surprising how engaged students become when they are placed in front of a computer – listening to the same thing they would be listening to in class.  There are a lot of math game websites that I think are overrated.  Some of them are so cluttered – and lacking in skill practice – that I did not see them worth my time blogging about.  You can find many of those websites by just typing: “fun math games” in google.  The ones listed below aren’t necessarily the ones that pop up on top.

1. Khan Academy – (Free) I have mentioned this website in an earlier blog post (refer to The Khan).  It is excellent because it allows for the parent – or you, the teacher, to keep track of students’ skill abilities.  The free web-based, non-profit school has numerous videos to watch on each skill and practice for each skill.  Students will need to pass a skill before they can move on in the Knowledge Map.

2. IXL (Free) This website has exercises for students to practice the common core standards according to their grade level.  When the students achieve specific amount of points they achieve new awards.  This is helpful because you know that the student is practicing exactly what the nation expects of him/her.

3. School Time Games – (Free) This website reminds me of cool-math-games, but, to me, the games are much more engaging and they work on skills much better.  If your student is into puzzle games or more clever games – then this is the website for your student.

4. Timez Attack – (There is a free demo version – pay to get more levels) Our school is using this website right now.  It is excellent.  Students don’t even realize that they are practicing math while they are playing the game!  The game also presents data to the account manager letting the account manager know the growth of the students.  It is available for addition/subtraction/multiplication/division.  I definitely suggest it for schools.  Students can play it at home if they have an account at school as well!


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