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Imagine running your own firm.

Today was one of those days in Social Studies, where you’re just not sure how things are going to turn out.  We have been studying the U.S. government recently in 5th grade – and specifically The Bill of Rights.  The students had been put through various scenarios where they have had to figure out which amendment was being addressed.  This conversation alone was incredible!

One of my teammates discovered this incredible resource.

If you have not visited ICIVICS you are going to want to.  The website offers a number of free, web-based games that engage students and promote critical thinking.

The games include:

  • Do I have a Right? – In this game the students run their own Law Firm.  The students gain points depending on how well they know their rights, and how well they know the amendments that link with the issue their client is having.  Excellent game!
  • Supreme Decision – Students help cast deciding votes on Supreme Court decisions.
  • Executive Command – Students experience the challenges faced by our President.
  • Argument Wars – Students try to argue and win a Supreme Court case.
  • Immigration Nation – Students guide newcomers through the path of becoming a U.S. citizen.

My class had 16 laptops out playing Do I have a Right?  It was the first time I had seen students dashing for their textbooks to assist them on problems they encountered in the game.  My students gave great feedback and felt like they had really learned what amendment connected to what issue.


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