Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

Augmented Reality (AR)

One incredible emergent technology is Augmented Reality.  The aim of Augmented Reality is to enhance the users’ understanding of the world around them.  It does this by creating interactive 3d aids that can be viewed through a webcam on the computer.  Essentially, software reads an imprint on a paper and tells the computer to produce this 3d, interactive image on the screen.

When used, the Augmented Reality is able to not only be interactive with the user, but also interactive with other AR items on the screen.

Imagine the implications for education.  With a pack of cards teachers would be able to create interactive, computer generated models of what they are teaching.  Students would be able to interact with the 3d model.  It would be incredible!

After viewing this film – I looked online to see if I could create the software to do similar things through my webcam.  Although it was complicated  – I was able to do it!

Watch the following film to further understand how this technology could be used in education.


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