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Educational Music

As teachers we know that students learn in all different ways with learning styles and multiple intelligences.  Nonetheless, it is our job to teach every student.  In order to be successful in this we are going to have to differentiate in our classroom.  Differentiation, according to Carol Ann Tomlinson, can be done in four categories: content, process, product, and learning environment.   Sometimes we wonder how else we can possibly say something to get through to our students.

Well… have you considered songs?  Music?

Here are a few songs I have found – just to give you a taste… if you find songs that your classroom just can’t live without please let me know!

  1. It’s too Late to Apologize: A Declaration: This song takes the popular song: It’s too Late to Apologize and connects new lyrics to it – using the point of view of colonists writing the declaration of independence against the king of Britain.
  2. Five elements of a short story: This song is by flocabulary.  If you haven’t seen their videos you are missing out.  These music videos are incredible.  There are a number of great things about flocabulary music videos.  First, they have lyrics available for each of their songs. Second, they are very engaging and clever.  Third, they do not lose out on their educational quality.  Five elements would be excellent for any level of student.
  3. Much ado about nothing: This song is also by flocabulary.  This song, as well as The Odyssey and Huck Finn, may be better for older kids.
  4. The Parellellogram Song: There are a number of science and math songs available by a gentleman named Weatherall on YouTube.  Some of these are much better than others – but I have had some great laughs with them.
  5. The Fraction Song: A teacher created this fraction rap and put it on teachertube.  Although it seems goofy, other teachers have said that the words stick with the kids.
  6. School House Rock – I’m a Bill: Of course – what’s a song list without school house rock on the list.  There are a number of excellent School House Rock songs available on YouTube.

It’s amazing how much can stick when you put it to a tune – try out some of these songs!


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