Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

Health is real wealth

Obesity is a growing epidemic across America.  There needs to be a stop to the growth in obese children and adults.  According to 20% of children are obese in America.   How can we approach this issue and attack it?  We target the younger generation.  We educate our students on diet, exercise, sleep, stress, and self-worth.  When it comes down to it, what is more important for our students to learn than how to stay healthy?

Do you have the tools to educate students?  There is website called MyPyramid which has been created to assist you in just that goal.

Why mypyramid?

  • It’s free
  • It has interactive tools that allow for students to create personalized daily food plans.
  • It also has an interactive tool that gives feedback on the food you have eaten.
  • There is Foodapedia, which provides information about food groups, calories etc…
  • There is also a Kid’s page, which has games, activities, and worksheets for students to be educated on diet.

Students need to be educated in the food they eat.


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