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Is this appropriate?

As a fifth grade teacher my students are all over the spectrum of development.  Some of them are ready to handle the challenges of middle school, others are very sheltered, and still others crumble awkwardly at any uncomfortable expression.  It is really difficult to know what materials are appropriate for this grade level. 

In the past I have always relied on parent signatures for literature that I think may be questionable.  This is all about literature by the way, I don’t mean movies or music… because I don’t really interact with students and movies or music (I keep those purely educational).  Recently I have discovered a resource that has greatly helped.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a website dedicated to giving excellent information about the ups and downs of books and the age appropriateness?  Common Sense Media.  That’s your answer.

Why Common Sense

  • My favorite reason for everything: it’s free
  • It gives information on movies, games, tv shows, apps, websites, and books.
  • It rates – on a one to five scale – what to watch out for (specifics): take a look here: Ender’s Game
  • It provides a summary of what parents need to know
  • It provides ideas of what parents can talk to their kids about
  • It gives an age appropriate rating
  • It gives a summary of the story

This website has been a life-saver.  At the beginning of the year I am going to share the link on my class website and with the parents so that parents can always know what content their children are reading. 





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