Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher


Have you ever wanted all of your links in one place?  Does it ever seem overwhelming how many different websites you need to remember or visit?

Symbaloo may be the place for you.  This website is very sleek looking.  It allows for you to personalize your own page with all the links you will ever need.  It also allows for you to title the links, change the icons, and embed videos.

Why is this great for education?  It’s great because:

  • It’s free.
  • It allows for students to visit one page to check out all the links.
  • It provides a safe place for parents to send their students to play educational games, or discover other activities.
  • It can be placed as the homepage on school computers, so that students can just click on links to get to where they need to go.
  • Teachers could input research websites that are trustworthy – so students don’t have to be so overwhelmed when searching for sites to cite.
  • Teacher’s could upload student work and place the student’s face as the icon.

Check out my example: I’m going to use this tool next year.


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