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Fun is now free and easy

I’ve been looking for a site like this for quite some time.  A site that allows for students to be creative and play with media, yet also be an educational tool.  I was looking for a site where students could learn the basics of animation and movie editing, and have fun while doing it.

I finally found it in the website: Kerpoof!

I tested it with my students today and they told me the pros and cons…

First the Pros:

  • The basic components (which is more than enough) are free.
  • It’s all web-based – so no download necessary
  • Animation editing is very fun and there are a lot of options/variety
  • Cool that the user can earn ‘gold coins’ to spend at the kerpoof store to buy new items (paint brushes, accessories, video props…).
  • A variety of activities including creating a story, spelling pictures, creating movies, and creating pictures.
  • Easy to transfer pictures to the computer.
  • Students said they liked drawing, coloring, and editing pictures much more on Kerpoof than paint.
  • As a teacher – I was able to set up an account for myself – and then a group for my students to work under.  I made a username and password for each – and it was really easy!


  • It can be a little difficult to navigate and figure out at first.
  • There are items which you can’t buy unless you are a member – that costs money unfortunately.
  • There are some limitations – like you can construct your own character, but you can’t use that character in the animation.

We had such a great time using creativity today.  The students all showed me their projects they were working on.  Many are going home and continuing to work on their projects.  The website also tells what standards can be met, and the site provides lesson plans for teachers to use Kerpoof.

This website looks like something I must use in the future.


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