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Creating a Board Game?

One of my favorite assessments we did this last year in 5th grade was create board games.  We were teaching different systems of the body and how the systems work together.  The students had to come up with a board game that showed the relationship between two systems.  Many of the games were incredible.  Students really used their creativity and came up with clever goals.

So this got me thinking… is there a website that makes it easy to create board games?

Sure enough -there seems to be: Game Crafter.

Why is Game Crafter great?

  • Provides templates for board games and cards (use them! because you want to make sure your pictures are printed correctly)
  • Provides an array of game pieces for you to choose to add to your game (money, dice, tokens, little people, pieces…)
  • Great prices.
  • Excellent information provided to guide you through the steps.

If you use this website make sure to use their templates.  If you need a website to edit pictures for the board game and cards use the website: Gimp.

Gimp is a free, open-sourced photo-editing program.  You will have to download it, but it is completely worth it.  If you want to know more about Gimp look up an earlier post on Gimp.


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