Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher


One of my biggest weaknesses as a teacher is my organization.  I seem to always lose things on my desk, in my desk, and around my desk.  It’s something I work hard on each year to try and make better.  Though, I’ll be honest, when I moved schools it got even harder.  Tangible items are not the only things that need to be organized, web-based resources may need to be organized as well.

Why would web-based resources need to be organized?

What if students are doing research on a specific theme?  Then you, as a teacher, could search websites ahead of time and organize those websites so that the students won’t be searching through the entire ocean known as the Web.

or you could create web lists according to subjects: Have a math page, a writing page, a history page, a science page…

or create a web list that links to great books that you would advise the kids to read.  Tell the kids to get on the web list and look at different books and write down the ones that interest them.

or upload student projects: writing, video, podcasts… and create a weblist that parents or kids could visit.

There are a number of reasons for you to organize websites.

So what can you use to organize websites?

Well, I have already written a website about Symbaloo.  This is a great resources because it is very sleek looking and easy to add urls and thumbnails.

Another website that you could use is called: WebList. Here are some reasons why: 

  • It’s free.
  • WebList allows for you to create url lists and have one navigation page for students to use for all of your urls.
  • The website automatically creates thumbnails for the urls that you plug in.
  • You don’t even need to sign in – you can create a list right away.  It is very simple to use.
  •  It is really easy for students to use because the websites become embedded in WebList so that students don’t even have to leave the page.  This way they can easily navigate between pages on the list.
  • WebList also allows for students to vote on the websites that they found the most useful – which allows for you, as a teacher, to quickly assess the websites that you uploaded.

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