Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

Big words/small word: vocabulary

Vocabulary is a part of every classroom.  Students need to learn the terms and definitions in order to discuss the subject matter better.  So what sites are available for vocabulary building online?

1. Wordslike: Wordslike is an easy-to-use website that allows for students to input a word and a list of like-words (synonyms) pop up.  Many thesaurus’ are fairly limited- this website provides a wealth of synonyms.

2. Wordstash: Wordstash allows for teachers to create flashcards for their vocabulary.  There already exists a large bank of words and flashcards on the website so it is easy to create your own flashcard, vocabulary lists.  Teachers can also make their own class list so that students can find the flashcards they need to study.  It’s free!

3. Clockwords: Clockwords is a game that requires you to be quick on your feet.  Your job is to produce words in order to destroy robotic spiders.  There are a number of stages that get more and more difficult as you play.  It’s a game of speedy-words.

There are many more vocabulary websites that could assist you as supplemental tools for your classroom.  Another one I have blogged about in the past is Spellingcity.  The vocabulary form of that website does cost money, but it seems to be an excellent product.


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