Tech Tools for the Everyday Teacher

No more Youtube ads?

There are so many good movie clips available to teachers on youtube.  On this website I have mentioned a number of them (flocabulary, schoolhouse rock, khan academy).  So what can you, as a teacher, do to show youtube videos without all the ads on the side?  or what if you want to show a portion of a clip without showing the entire youtube clip?

Well, as always, here’s a free resource for you.

It’s called: SPLICD.

Splicd is a very easy-to-use.  All you have to do is copy your youtube url and decide the seconds you wish to play.  Then you can easily share your video with others or on your class website.

Here is an example of using SPLICD for the Youtube video: It’s too Late to Apologize: A Declaration. Example.


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