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Digital Vaults – more than just another vault

I have recently been exploring a website called Digital Vaults.  Digital Vaults is a website created by the National Archives – a government organization.  The website is full of very informative artifacts related to American history.  There are teacher lesson plans and units available, as well as loads of records including: primary documents, photos and films – all pertaining to our nation’s history.  The website would be great for researching anything related to American history.  The website does offer easy help to how to research on the website: just look at this page to get started.

In addition to being our Naitonal Archives, the website also offers something very unique.  It allows for students to use information from the website to create a poster full of images and records, or a short film.  Students can apply there findings to a presentation form right there!

So – make sure you take a look at this website.  It is an excellent tool when studying American history and allows for creative presentations.


U.S. History anyone?

Sometimes it’s just nice to have resources to send your students to and practice what you have been talking about in class.  It’s important – as we lunge into this 21st century – and this difficult economic time, to find time for students to use computers in educational ways.  Recently my team has been teaching U.S. history and government to our 5th graders.  We have used these resources to assist us:

  • Sheppard Software : we used USA government and games specifically on this website.
  • Ben’s Guide : A .gov website that allows for you to pick the age group you want to target
  • 50 States : A website that educates students on important aspects of each of our states
  • History Central : Has a number of excellent resources including information on Explorers
  • White House for Kids : An excellent resource about the United States, the Presidents, and their First Pets
  • Digital Vaults : A website full of great historical information – including primary sources from our National Archives.
  • African American History Month : An excellent resource for pictures, videos, and documents on those who have paved the way.

If you have more suggestions for websites please comment!  I am always looking for more resources.