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An Interactive Picture:

Thinglink is a free website that allows you to upload images and then make them interactive.  Comments can be added, video links can be added, and this can be either collaboratively or purely for viewing sake.

The images can then be embedded on your class website.

I have used it for posting a picture to my class on our website.  The class then had to click on the picture and write a comment on a specific location.  The students enjoyed it and it was interactive.



The last two years I have taught a media club for my students after school.  I always start with Gimp.  Gimp has so many incredible capabilities.  Funny enough – I grew up using Gimp – so when I wanted to start this media club I knew immediately that this was the software I needed.  GIMP is open-sourced – which means it is free and everyone in the world can use it.

There are a number of things you can do on GIMP:

  • Edit pictures
  • Create pictures
  • Design signs or word art
  • Personal Favorite: Create animations – because GIMP has layers – I have found this to capture student interest.

You can access GIMP by clicking here.

Unfortunately GIMP is not web-based – which means that you would have to talk to your district about getting it installed on the computers.  It’s not large software though – and it is open-source.  This is great because students can practice the skills they learn at home.